Sometimes the only answer to our life problems is alcohol. Sometimes it's a cup of tea, but mostly it's alcohol.

But I'm sure everyone's been in one of those situations though, searching high and low for a bottle of wine only to find out that the off licence is closed and you've got none in. *Sighs*.

So if you can relate to these terrible times, you may be pretty happy to hear that a machine exists that can turn any type of fruit into alcohol. What a time to be alive!

Credit: Alchema

First reported by Cosmopolitan, the magical kitchen appliance known as Alchema the 'home cider system', can whip up a round of drinks at just the touch of a button.

It's all pretty simple to use too. Select the recipe from the Alchema app on your phone, then add fruit, water, sugar and yeast.

The only down side is that once you've pressed 'go', it'll take one to two weeks for the cider to brew. Well, what did you expect? Instant alcohol?! Wine would take around 16 weeks, so only try that if you're really, realllllllly patient. Here's a quick demo of how to use it...

Credit: Alchema/Youtube

This bad boy is pretty expensive though, coming in at $499 (£410).

Rachel Andrews

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