Forget Red, White And Rosé, You Can Now Get Naturally Blue Wine

In life we're so used to asking for a glass of wine and being asked: "Red, white or rosé," but never do we get asked if we fancy a glass of blue wine.

All that could be about to change though as entrepreneur René Le Bail has created a completely natural turquoise-coloured .vino which has even caught the attention of France's vino capital, Bordeaux.

The blue wine is actually a Chardonnay white wine which is then put through a pulp of red grape skin turning the white wine into a bright blue. Incredible stuff.

Credit: gik
Credit: gik

Initially, the 'Vindigo' didn't go down too well among wine-lovers in France, forcing René to relocate to Andalucia in Spain.

Now Rene is selling the Vindigo for £10.70 a bottlenative France however he still hopes to one day be able to convince a vineyard to grow his wine locally.

The wine-seller has ordered 35,000 bottles of Vindigo to sell in southern France but has his eye on Bordeaux, the wine-selling capital.

He told a French newspaper: "It's 11 per cent which means it's not a super strong wine. It has a fruity taste, there's cherry, passion fruit and blackberry.

"Women appreciate it very much. It is an ideal wine for the summer, to drink on the sand or at the edge of the swimming pool.

"As soon as it enters the mouth, we have cherry aromas."

We'll take ten bottles please.

Featured Image Credit: PRETTY52

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