It's well into the evening by now so you should be extremely aware that today is Valentine's Day and have your card and gift sorted for your loved one.

However, if you forgot to prep ahead and you've been stuck in work all day, we have just the thing for you!

Someone has come up with a quick and easy way you can make a bouquet for less than £20, and it involves something much better than flowers.

One word: Doughnuts.


Seriously, feast your eyes on this...

Credit: Greggs.

It was Greggs' fan Prudence Staite, 37, from Gloucester, who came up the glorious idea as a last minute gift and she's even made a 'how to guide' so you can create it yourself.


She said:

I love creating things, especially out of food and I was looking at all the lovely sweet treats in Greggs and thought how pretty and colourful they could be, just like a bunch of flowers.

I made one as a gift for someone and they absolutely loved it - and even though it looks like it might, it actually didn't cost much or take too much time to make.

I contacted Greggs and they loved it, so I decided to make a 'how to guide' so all Greggs fans could have a go for themselves - I'm sure if the florist or supermarket have run out of flowers on Valentine's Day, that this might save a few people!

A spokesperson for Greggs added:

We love this creation made from our delicious Valentine ring buns and doughnuts and think it's the perfect gift for anyone who wants to surprise their loved ones with a special twist.

All we heard was DOUGHNUTS!

Featured Image Credit: Greggs

Sian Broderick

Sian is the Junior Editor of Pretty52. She loves crap telly, anything leopard print, and never leaves the house without her gold hoops.

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