You may have heard of Billy Bear ham and turkey dinosaurs, but we'l bet good money on the fact that you've never heard of cat bread.

Yep, you heard us correctly. A bakery in Japan has come up with the feline shaped loaf, which is of course making us all kinds of excited.

Of course we realise that the shape of the bread in no way alters the flavour, but you can't deny how God damn cute it is.

Just imagine your breakfast Insta post with the introduction of cat bread. Likes for days ladies!


This could only be the beginning of animal shaped bread. Could dog shaped bread be next?

The possibilities are endless.


It's so CUTE! Of course the advertisement for the product is in Japanese, so any translations would be appreciated. Although we get the gist.

Frankly we can't wait for the UK to start producing its own cat-shaped creations so we can make the cutest breakfast snaps ever.

We look forward to seeing a whole load of cat-itude on your plates real soon.

Written by Stephanie Shaw

Featured Image Credit: /Instagram

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