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​Byron Launches UK's First Ever 'Flexitarian' Burger

These days, a burger is never just a burger. It's dripping in bone marrow, wedged inside a doughnut instead of a bun or made with gold leaf-crusted Wagyu beef.

And even the veggie world has upped its game, ditching the boring bean burger - which used to come as standard - in favour more modern, exciting alternatives, as the world begins to cut down on its meat consumption.

But what happens when those two worlds collide? That, dear readers, would be flexitarianism - which basically means you enjoy a mostly vegetarian diet, but sometimes still eat meat or fish.


And it seems to be the middle ground that's proving increasingly popular, with 31 percent of the 2,000 people surveyed by Compare the Market in a recent study revealing that they are consciously eating less meat than they used to.

To reflect the rise of this new way of eating, Byron has just announced the UK's first flexitarian burger, the Classic Flex.

Credit: Byron
Credit: Byron

Blending 70 percent of carefully sourced British beef with 30 percent of juicy, sautéed mushrooms, it's all about having your meat and eating it too - but just a little less of it, meaning that you can chow down a bit more mindfully.

As well as the Flex, there's also the Reflex burger, a pimped-up version that features more toppings including house-made red pepper ketchup, fresh tomato, red onion, baby kale, roasted garlic and rosemary mayonnaise.

"The Flex and the Reflex burgers have been created because our customers want them," said Paul Mason, Head of Food at Byron.


"Whether it be for health or sustainability reasons, there's lot of people who are more conscious about the amount of meat they're eating right now.

"I wanted to create a burger that makes it easy for our customers to make a simple switch but keep all of the flavour of our proper classics.

"We're thrilled to offer burger fans the opportunity to try something that is truly innovative and that isn't available at other restaurants in the UK."

Mason continued: "These burgers are just one of many new products that we're launching across the UK to offer proper burger diversity.

"Whether you're a meat-lover, veggie, vegan or simply having a meat-free Monday, you'll find yourself at home in a Byron."

Not a bad idea, is it?

Both the Classic Flex and Reflex burgers launch at Byron restaurants across the country from Tuesday 24 April.

Featured Image Credit: Byron

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Jess Hardiman

Jess is a journalist at LADbible who graduated from Manchester University with a degree in Film Studies, English Language and Linguistics - indecisiveness at its finest, right there. She also works for FOODbible and its sister page Seitanists, which are both a safe haven for her to channel a love for homemade pasta, fennel (yeah, yeah, I know) and everything else in between. You can contact Jess at

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