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B&M Is Selling Giant Boxes Of Wine Just In Time For Festival Season

If you're heading off to a festival this summer and need a way around the strict glass rules, then these giant boxes of wine from B&M Bargains will be just the tipple.

These cartons of Echo Falls wine come with handy taps, which will make things a little easier while you spend all weekend squatting in a portaloo and having stale beer thrown over your head at the main stage.


Each of the boxes come with two different vinos - a summer berries rosé as well as a peach and mango white wine - meaning there is something to suit all tastebuds this summer.

B&M is selling the Festi Falls for just £14.49, which gets you an impressive three litres of wine.

Credit: B&M Bargains
Credit: B&M Bargains

Because we aren't all mathematical geniuses, here's some quick sums for you to show you just how cheap this is...

Each litre in this box works out at just £4.43 and a regular 750ml bottle of Echo Falls wine comes in at around £4, sometimes more.

So, three litres of this stuff purchased in regular-sized bottles would cost you upwards of £16, so buying a box of Festi Falls will actually save you a couple of quid.


Not bad, if you ask us, plus you get a snazzy box and you don't have the glass bottles nabbed from you by security.

The box is also perfect for picnics, festivals and BBQs, so don't worry if you're not heading off to a festival, as you can just stock up for any of your summer gatherings.

If wine isn't your thing, then you can also get big boxes of pretty, pink gin which sounds delicious.

Credit: Instagram/Pinkster
Credit: Instagram/Pinkster

Pinkster's boxes hold three litres of yummy raspberry-infused gin, and it also comes with a handy tap and handle for easy transportation.

They are not exactly cheap, as they will set you back £135, but it will be worth it. Keep in mind that it is the equivalent of four big bottles of Pinkster's original gin, meaning it will actually save you £15 plus less recycling.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/B&M Bargains

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