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This Chip Shop Is Selling Battered Creme Eggs And People Aren't Sure

Ways to celebrate the resurrection and ascension of the Messiah: going to Church (if you're that way inclined), going 'out-out' to make the most of the four-day weekend or simply eating all the chocolate treats you can get your grubby mitts on (delete as applicable). One we haven't heard of before is heading to the chippy and enjoying your Easter treats deep-fried.

If you're a Christian then heading to the chippy for a fish supper on Good Friday might already be your thing (because: penance) - but you're probably not coming away with deep-fried chocolate wrapped inside that newspaper.


But a popular chip shop in Birmingham called Major's hope to change that as they had the egg-cellent idea of selling battered and deep-fried Cadbury Creme Eggs for just £1 each.

Owner of Major's, Royston Spencer told Birmingham Live: "Other chip shops have been doing them for a while, so we thought we would give them a go. Everyone who has tried them has loved them."

But with less than a week to go until the big day, if you don't manage to get to Major's this week, don't worry - the deep-fried chocolate eggs will be back in 2020.

When asked how frequently the treat would be on offer he said: "Yes, every Easter time, just like every Christmas time when we do battered mince pies."

A reporter from Black Country Live went to try out the quirky concoction, and described it as 'heavenly'.


They said: "The best way to describe this amazing creation would be a hot, heavenly, crisp, gooey mess that is simply amazing. Definitely £1 well spent!"

Other customers seem divided.

One follower commented on Major's Facebook page: "So wrong ! Batter is for chips and sausage, not a creme egg."

While another seemed keen to try it: "Omg I need one of these in my life."

But despite the apparent novelty of deep-frying an Easter egg, Major's isn't the first establishment to venture into the world of deep-frying chocolate bars.

The culinary tradition emerged in 1992 when some health-conscious soul at Haven Chip Bar, in Scotland, decided to dip a Mars bar in batter and throw it in the fryer.

Since then people have followed suit - if it's edible, chances are somebody somewhere has tried covering it in batter (and it was probably in the UK).

Just last year, Adam's Bay restaurant in Lincolnshire launched the battered Terry's Chocolate Orange (they're also deep-frying Creme Eggs).

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Owner Helena Papadamou, 37, told the Gainsborough Standard: "This is a new idea and I don't think anyone has done it before.

"It is quite sickly and to be honest I couldn't finish one myself - it is definitely a sharing job.

"It has been received a bit like Marmite on the comments section, however, I am sure if people are brave enough to give it a go they will enjoy what they get."

Featured Image Credit: Cadbury/Black Country Live

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