Campino sweets were the stuff of dreams. One minute we were all eating mountains of them, and then suddenly the greatest sweet in the world just... disappeared.

Then everyone found out they were no longer accessible via those 'Do You Remember These Forgotten Treats' articles, and we slightly mourned the fact we never truly savoured our last ever Campino. Not just those either, Cadbury's Dream bars, Mars Delights, Penguin Flipper Dippers etc. You catch the drift.

Well, after doing a bit of researching, PRETTY52 has found that Campino DOES INDEED LIVE ON, but there's a catch. It appears they're in Walmart - which is an American brand. Of course they would still have the greatest sweet in the world, and only for $2 aswell.

Credit: Walmart
Credit: Walmart

Whilst Walmart does not ship out of the US, we then decided to see if we could make it even more accessible for you. Amazon sells quite a few of them, including an £8 assortment pack of Campino sweets with all different flavours.

You can also get them here, although you'll have to pay shipping fees.

Now ASDA is supposedly partnered with Walmart, so we're sure if we can make enough noise about these goodies we're sure to get them back.

Let's start an official petition. Or, failing that, we could get our next friend who visits the USA to smuggle them back.

Featured Image Credit: Pinterest / Campino

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