ASOS Is Selling Slush Puppy Machines Just In Time For Summer

When it comes to refreshing drinks, it doesn't get much better than a Slush Puppy.

As a kid we all knew the excitement of going to the shops with our mums and dads and spotting the wonderful Slush Puppy machine behind the counter and knowing that we were in for a sweet treat.

Well, thanks to ASOS and Fizz Creations, you can now have that treat in the comfort of your own home with your very own Slush Puppy machine.

ASOS is selling the genius creation made by Fizz Creations, which allows you to create your own blend of the refreshing beverage.

The machines cost £59.99 online and they make up to one litre of slush at a time - just make sure you add your own syrup.

ASOS/Fizz Creations
ASOS/Fizz Creations

The website reads: "Fizz Creations gets the mood just right with its innovative range of home accessories. Not afraid to push the boundaries of design, the brand's trend-led lights and mugs are perfect for gifting yourself and your mates."

It turns out that as we approach summer, and temperatures begin to creep up, other companies are starting to get on the ice-cold drink hype.

This weekend, we reported that Coca Cola were releasing the first official Coke slushies, but now it's also been announced that accompanying that release is Fanta Orange and Grape versions of the slush. How exciting?!

Coca-Cola Frozen Coke Fanta Slushie Release Lemon Orange Grape Japan
Coca-Cola Frozen Coke Fanta Slushie Release Lemon Orange Grape Japan

It is unsure when they'll start shipping them out to the UK, but hopefully Coca Cola will get them too us before Summer hits. Or, failing that - make sure you book your holiday this year somewhere that stocks these beautiful new ice-cold editions.

Credit: Coca-Cola
Credit: Coca-Cola

The Coke slushies, which 9GAG reports are being launched in Japan from 16 April, will come in handy portable pouches will be a frozen version of lemon-flavoured Coke.


Featured Image Credit: ASOS/TripAdvisor/Rockin Diner

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