Vegans rejoice, because Asda have decided to hook you lot right up this Christmas and give you the gift of Mince Pies. TBF, 2017 in general has been a brilliant advancement for vegans everywhere, as so many more choices and restaurants have been made available by companies world wide.

I always said I would love to go vegan but I'd struggle to give up meat, but the amount of substitutes that taste sometimes even BETTER than the non-vegan options that have now appeared has definitely got me thinking of starting. It's incredible how much the world has began to embrace veganism.

Credit: ASDA

While there are technically quite a few mince pies around that are actually suitable for vegans, these ones carry the official stamp of approval.

Bakery Product Developer at Asda, Ciara Loker has said: "This festive season, Asda is proud to announce we now offer mince pies that are suitable for vegans and have been accredited by the Vegan Society.

"At Asda, we are committed to innovation and developing the best quality products that can be enjoyed by everyone."

They're only 89p for a box of 6 or you can buy 2 boxes for £1.50, so if I were you I'd definitely fill your entire trolley with ALL the festive goodies. And I wouldn't feel bad about doing it either.

They're not the only supermarket to be upping the vegan and dairy free game in time for Christmas, as Sainsbury's are also now selling vegan marshmallows and whipped cream so you can make the perfect hot choccie.


The yummy little fluffy balls of marshmallowy delight are priced at just £2 for a 75g bag. The Freedom marshmallows are gelatine, egg, dairy and gluten free, and are free from artificial flavours and colours.

Credit: Sainsbury's/Freedom

As expected, the sweet treats come in traditional white and pink marshmallow colours, and have a vanilla flavour. Mmmm.

Marshmallows can't be served without whipped cream, and Sainsbury's has actually had this vegan can hidden away on its shelves for quite some time.

Credit: Sainsbury's

Hopla soy whipped cream is priced at just £2.20, meaning your dreams of having the whole can in one sitting are well in sight.

For more wintery, vegan goodness, Baileys also launched a dairy free and gluten free version of their famed Irish cream liqueur.

Credit: Baileys

You probably already guessed, but Baileys Almande is actually made out of almond milk, and it also contains almond essence, cane sugar, purified water and real vanilla.

Vegan Baileys hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows anyone?

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