Apparently You've Been Making Cheese Toasties Wrong Your Whole Life: Here's Why

Cheese toasties are the most heavenly of all the sandwiches - and as you well know toast is pretty much a national treasure.

And sure there's nothing quite like tucking into a cheese toastie filled with scalding, melted cheese - no matter what time it is or where you are.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

But according to Australian food writer, Tristan Lutze, in discussion with Aussie news site - it turns out we've been doing it wrong this whole time and there's one vital ingredient bar bread and cheese that your toastie's been missing.

What is it? Simple. A coating of mayonnaise on the outside of the bread. Now before you throw up in your toastie maker and hunt this guy down, hear him out.

Tristan explained that adding a layer of mayonnaise instead of butter to the outside of the toastie will help the bread to brown more evenly as it toasts and it reduces the risk of burning which can definitely ruin your toastie time. Makes sense, we suppose.

Credit: Instagram/hungryhusbandcooks
Credit: Instagram/hungryhusbandcooks

What do you think? To mayo or not to mayo? Give it a go and let us know how the results taste.

The nation's starchy sweetheart, toast, is currently causing controversy as a fierce debate has blown up on Twitter about just how toasted your toast should be (only in the UK, amirite?).

Twitter user, Imzy, kicked off the discussion and subsequently incurred the nation's wrath by posting a picture of nine slices of toast, ranging from barely tickled by the toaster to practically incinerated.

Imzy then asked their followers how they liked theirs - and with 1.3K likes and over 1.2K comments (at the time of writing) - some crazy strong responses ensued.

Twitter users responded to the tweet with their own preference.

Some have said five or six, others three or four. One woman even said nine, to which someone responded: "I've alerted the authorities."

One very passionate toast eater said: "Six and I will go to war about this."

Another user had a brilliant idea: "This could be a Dating Site Test. At least you would have that in common."

One person argued the case for each type of toast: "1 if you're in a hurry, 2 if you have to rush, 3 if you don't really mind, 4 if you do mind, 5 if you are serious about your toast, 6 if you like it cracky, 7 if you are lazy, 8 if you don't care, 9 you might as well stop having breakfast." You've thought about this way too much.

Some said it depends on the type of bread i.e sourdough or a toastie loaf.

One woman wrote how different meals have different requirements: "I use three when making a chicken sandwich but four or five for butter or soft cheese, and six for grilled cheese sandwiches."

To which someone replied: "She said toast not your life story!"

PSA: the FSA warn that burnt toast could pose a cancer risk, owing to acrylamide, a chemical formed when starchy foods are subjected to a high temperature. So toast with caution.

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