Aldi Will Be Selling Triple Pigs In Blankets This Christmas

Seeing as though Bonfire Night and Halloween are officially out of the way, we can start thinking about Christmas and the amount of food we're going to be consuming over the next two months.

Everyone knows the ultimate Christmas party food is pigs in blankets - we have no idea whose genius idea it was to wrap a sausage in bacon but we love them unconditionally.

Of course, you might think there's no way of improving your favourite bite-sized sausage, but you're wrong.

Aldi will be selling triple pigs in blankets this year and we can't contain our excitement.

Credit: Aldi
Credit: Aldi

Basically three cocktail sausages are all cuddled under one king-size streaky bacon blanket to turn them into a little bundle of happiness on your Christmas dinner. Someone pass us the gravy!

Unfortunately, you wont be able to enjoy the triple treat until the 19th December but that just means you'll have to make up for lost time when they do go on sale.

Credit: Aldi
Credit: Aldi

As well as the triple pigs in blankets, Aldi is selling foot-long pigs in blankets and you can enjoy them a bit earlier.

The pack of two sausages will be available from 6th December, and it's only £2.99 for the pack.

Apparently, they are 'perfect for sharing' but we don't think you'll want to give someone even an mouthful of it.

If you really do love pigs in blankets, you'll probably love Sainsbury's latest tea flavour.

The supermarket is currently selling Pigs in Blankets-flavoured tea and we're not sure how we feel about it.

Credit: Sainsbury's
Credit: Sainsbury's

As well as the porky offering there is also a Brussel Sprout flavour. The sprout-based teabags will bring green, veggie aromas and flavours.

The smokey Pigs In Blankets will taste of sage and rosemary, so they might not be as bad as you might think.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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