It's nearly Christmas, and if you're struggling with what to buy your Harry Potter-loving mate (they've already got the books and the DVDs, what else?!) then why not treat them to this incredible shotglass set?

As you can see, they're so cute, and have 'Accio' which is then followed by a variety of different alcohol types. In case you're not down with the wizard lingo (muggles, amirite) then 'Accio' is the spell to bring things to you. Like: "Accio TV remote" or "Accio dressing gown". You get the idea.

They're currently being sold on Etsy, and the reviews are great. One customer wrote: "Very cute glass! It's the perfect for for me as I love both Harry Potter and tequila. Took longer than I thought to initially ship out but once it was shipped it got here nearly immediately. Would definitely recommend!"

Another added: "great bday present for my Harry Potter loving friend, thanks!".

We're sold so far. But let's take a closer look...

Credit: Etsy

Yup, I'm still sold.

They're £3.86 each and shipped from the US, so sadly you do have to add £9.28 for delivery. Don't shoot the messenger!

Check out the listing here.

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If you want more Harry Potter stuff, don't worry. We've got you covered.

When Primark first came out with all of the incredible Harry Potter collection I'm not gonna lie, I bought everything. Every, single, thing.

Credit: Primark

Even the bloody bunting - and I have zero purpose for Harry Potter themed bunting. If you have found a purpose for it, please let me know because it's just sat chilling in my drawer at the moment - I'm waiting for the next Quidditch World Cup otherwise.

So you can see that there is a bit of a theme here, and my obsession for the film legacy of my childhood still lives on even though I'm now 22-years-old and probably should know better. However, the latest IT thing that I'm now bulk-buying comes in the form of a candle (which is another thing I'm a sucker for) but it's actually pretty gimmicky and fun, so you're paying for hours of joy and excitement as well as a fancy smelling waxwork.

Credit: ETSY

This marvelously creative gift costs just £8.25 from seller, HappyPrianha, who describes the product as:

"The sorting hat candle find where you belong! Would you make a great Gryffindor or righteous Ravenclaw? Are you certainly a Slytherin or does your heart lay in house Hufflepuff!

"Let the sorting hat decide! This Harry potter inspired sorting hat candle will hopefully help you find what Hogwarts house you belong to. A perfect bookish gift for any book lover or a great stocking stuffer for any harry potter fan and candle lover!"


Sounds amazing doesn't it?! I don't know how I'd feel though if I ended up in a house I didn't want to be in. I've always considered myself a Slytherin so I would be so disappointed if I ended up getting Ravenclaw.

No offense to Ravenclaw though, I'm just saying Slytherin is where it's at.

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