We were all put on this earth for a reason. Some people are born to save lives. Others are destined to direct award-winning Netflix series.

We were created to eat cheese and drink wine and, you know what, we're okay with that.

And that is why we will be heading to London on the first weekend of April for 'No Whey!', a festival dedicated to our life's work: cheese and wine.

Stratford's East Village is set to host more than 25 independent retailers and their produce which comes from across the globe.

There will also be condiments and chutneys, essential for those who are serious abut the etiquette of cheese consumption, as well as a range of cider, a number of street food options and handcrafted chocolate, because no meal is complete with a sweet treat at the end.

And to supplement all of the food and drink that you'll be sampling, there will also be a number of talks and workshops, which is ideal because our favourite activity after eating and drinking is listening to other people talking about eating and drinking.

And best of all, entry is free!

You can find out all of the information that you need to know here.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Animation

Abby Robinson

Abby is a writer for Pretty 52. She's an animation enthusiast, daydreams about roaming the wild with all her animal friends, and is failing to conquer her trainer addiction.

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