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A Bounty Easter Egg With Coconut Bits Inside The Shell Now Exists

Bounty fans are in luck this Easter with Mars launching a new giant Bounty Easter egg with coconut bits inside the shell.

It's the Marmite of chocolate: people either love or loathe it but, while the Bounty Egg has been around the years - this is the first time it's had a coconut twist.

Fans have been asking Mars to fill the egg for years with one Twitter user tweeting the confectionary giant in 2018: "A Bounty Easter egg, but the actual egg filled with the coconut would be nice this year."


The giant egg weighs in at a whopping 494g and comes with one milk and one dark Bounty chocolate bar.

The Easter treat will set you back £10 and is being sold exclusively at Tesco stores or online.

Want a coconut and chocolate treat without forking out? You can pick up four Bounty bars for 90p at Tesco weighing in at 114g (40p per 100g as opposed to £2.03). Meaning you could buy 44 Bounty treats for the price of the egg.

The new egg is part of confectionary giant Mars's 2019 Easter range which seems to have a common theme. It includes an extra-large Maltesers egg with crunchy pieces inside, a giant Galaxy Minstrels egg with shards of the treats inside, and a giant Galaxy Golden Eggs version, with crunchy caramel pieces inside. Seems Easter 2019 is all about what's on the inside.

Courtesy of Mars
Courtesy of Mars

One Bounty lover on Instagram commented: "OMG I NEED THIS," while another said: "This has my name on, I will not wait till Easter if I can find one soon."


Bounty first launched in 1951 and is definitely a popular one with older chocoholics with a recent YouGov survey confirming that coconut treats are most popular with the over 55s and least popular with people aged between 18 and 24.

Some people really aren't happy about the Bounty Easter Egg's release. One person commented on Instagram: "They have spoilt a perfectly good chocolate egg by adding disappointment shavings inside."

Credit: Instagram/NewFoodUK
Credit: Instagram/NewFoodUK

Another agreed with their point shouting: "WHY WOULD THEY CREATE THIS MONSTROSITY?!!!!"

If you are a Bounty fan the Easter egg will set you back £10 exclusively at Tesco stores or online.

Featured Image Credit: Mars

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