Here's a DIY for the make-up junkie and the home decor enthusiast! A really easy project to try that requires an hour of your time, some of your favourite make-up and a few cute picture frames.

Pretty wall art can be so expensive, and although Etsy and Pinterest are full of gorgeous beauty-themed prints, it's cheaper and a lot more fun to make your own!

If you have a blank wall at home that needs some love, or have an empty space on your dressing table, then these beauty art prints are just what the make-up-doctor ordered. Plus, they are completely unique to you!

Lipstick Pout Print

Pucker up and apply your favourite lipsticks, then get smacking those lips all over a piece of white card and then frame it! Really simple to do, and makes for a great little wall piece, or a creative gift for the one that you love.

Better yet, you could get all your girls together to stamp and sign your individual prints, making great bridesmaid or hen do keepsakes.

Eyelashes Wall Art

Everyone loves to show off their peepers, and with this 3D wall piece you can do so in more ways than one! Buy cheap new falsies, if you want them to hold their shape better, and glue them down onto some white card. I used eyelash glue to hold mine down, applying it to the outer lashes (rather than the lash band) to keep the 3D curved effect.

You could even add a handwritten quote or an inspirational message you'd like to be reminded of every day.

Lipstick Swatches Print

Using your favourite lipsticks (or eyeshadows), carefully swatch them onto smooth paper for a quick and easy beauty print. Frame up and display above your dressing table.

Which is your favourite beauty art piece? Will you be creating any of these? Let us know!

Written by Rachel Gascoigne / You can also follow Rachel on Instagram

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