You Can Now Get Duvet Covers With Your Best Mate's Face All Over

If your best mate means more to you than anyone else, then these duvet covets are the perfect homage to them.

Yup, you can now get bed covers with your BFF's face printed all over, just so they are with you every single second of the day.

These cute-but-creepy creations come courtesy of Shelfies, and they are all custom made to order.

There are three different sizes to choose from - twin, queen or king - and prices start at around £98 per bedroom piece.


All you need to do on your end is upload the image of your best mate, your gran, your boyfriend or even your next door neighbour.

You will then get the chance to review it to make sure you're happy with the design, before receiving it in the post just a couple of days later.

Loads of other custom BFF pieces are popping up all over. From air fresheners to temporary tattoos, you will be able to pay tribute to your bestie all day, every day.

Fire Box is now selling personalised, face-shaped fresheners for your car, which come in packs of three and there are scents like coffee, bacon (yum), fresh linen, new car and island breeze, all for £14.99.

Credit: Firebox
Credit: Firebox

All you need to do is select your parfum, and just like with the duvet covers, upload pictures of your chosen bezzies or members of your family, being sure to crop them in the most unflattering way possible because you're just that cruel.

You could even upload a few snaps of your favourite celebs if that floats your boat.

These temporary tattoos are from Esty seller Lilimandrill, and prices start at just under £54 for ten prints going up to £252 for 500 prints.

Credit: Etsy/lilimandrill
Credit: Etsy/lilimandrill

You don't need to take a trip to the tattoo parlour either for a painful, permanent inking, as these bad boys are temporary.

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