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Morrisons Is Selling Mrs Hinch's Sell-Out Minky Cleaning Cloths For Just £2.50

Morrisons has just started selling Mrs Hinch-favourite 'Minky' cleaning cloths for just £2.50 a pop in-store.

M Cloth Antibacterial Pad (or 'Minky' as Sophie Hinchcliffe calls it) is like gold-dust for the Hinch Army, but they can thankfully now get their hands on one from the supermarket giant.


The cleaning cloths are so popular that they have been selling for up to £45 over on Ebay, despite their usual £2.50 price tag.

And going by the cleaning pads' popularity in recent months, you should act fast if you want to get your hands on one from Morrisons as these will no doubt sell out like hotcakes.

Credit: Minky Homecare
Credit: Minky Homecare

The cloths boast a scrubbing side for quickly removing burnt on stains and marks , as well as a microfibre side to lift away grease and grime.

Each pad has been treated with a long-lasting, anti-bacterial protection preventing the growth of bacteria.

The official product description reads: "The M Cloth Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Pad is dual sided for effective powerful scrubbing, making light work of all cleaning and washing up tasks."


Mrs Hinch recruits her Minky cloth for almost everything when it comes to keeping her home spic and span.

Whether it's using it to wipe dirty marks off walls with a fabric conditioner solution or scrubbing her sink and oven, the Minky cloth has loads of different uses.

Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch's popularity has prompted cleaning products to sell-out across the nation.

Normal cleaning products have become viral hits overnight, with Mrs Hinch affectionately naming each and everyone of them with hilarious nicknames.

Sophie is obsessed with disinfectant with Zoflora, which has been around for years, and it's often completely out of stock at bargain stores and supermarkets.

Zoflora launched three new festive fragrances over the Christmas period, which went down a storm with the Hinch Army as they got their home ready for Santa Claus.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Minky Homecare

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