When I watch the Harry Potter films, I always wish I was part of the magical world. The Hogwarts castle looks INCREDIBLE, and I wish I could just explore it. I would give anything to have a banquet in the great hall as the spells swirl above my head, and watch all the new recruits be assigned to their houses with the help of the Sorting Hat.


I'd be too nervous to actually try the Sorting Hat myself - he just seems to scary!

I'd also be worried that I wouldn't make it into Gryffindor and my inner evil would be sensed and I'd be demoted to Slytherin. Who am I kidding, I'd always be Hufflepuff - I couldn't hurt a fly.

Credit: Warner Bros

Even thought the films were released years ago, they've got to still be up there as the nation's favourites. Primark have released lots of goodies for Potter-mad shoppers, and Lush have also released lots of beauty products like bath bombs...

Credit: All Things Lush/Youtube

If that's STILL not enough (why would it be), then you may be intrigued by these Harry Potter sorting hat candles. Once the candle, which is made out of soy wax, is lit, it burns down to reveal your house. Please not Slytherin, please not Slytherin!

Credit: Etsy/CraftyWitches/Decor

The cute candles are being sold on Etsy by CraftWitchesDecor, and are a bargain at just £12.05.

They even have free postage, and the burn time is 44 to 50 hours. You can choose to have a specific house candle, or you can leave it up to the hat to choose for you. I know which I'll go for.

Credit: Etsy/CraftyWitches/Decor

The candle is said to smell just like Hogwarts too - I've always wondered what it's fragrance would be. TBH I thought it would have an aroma of potions and mystical concoctions, but apparently it's apples, pears, mandarin, peaches, raspberries and tree bark, dried leaves, cinnamon stick, cloves and vanilla pods.

Credit: Etsy/CraftyWitches/Decor

That's a potion in itself! Ordering mine as we speak.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews is an NCTJ trained Junior Journalist at PRETTY52. She specialises in Fashion Journalism, and has experience at a range of online and print publications. She is a Journalism and English language graduate of Kingston University, London, and joined the team in 2017. Contact her - rachel.andrews@pretty52.com

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