Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film of all time. I remember growing up wishing I could be Belle, and I had absolutely no problem with her falling in love with a beast once he turned out to be a gorgeous prince.

Plus, the Emma Watson remake was everything I could have ever dreamed of.


Up until now, Primark has been pushing the boat with some of its amazing Disney creations. Here in the Pretty52 office, I'm sat sipping out of my Chip mug, pouring my Mrs Potts tea and if it was socially acceptable, I'd be wearing my Beauty and the Beast pyjamas.

But one thing that always ties up my outfit is make-up, and I think I may have just stumbled across a new holy grail.

Credit: Lorac

The entire collection is absolutely beautiful, and it consists of a 'Tale as old as time' eyeshadow palette, five liquid lipglosses, five lipsticks and a cheek palette.

Lorac have drawn inspiration from the colour themes of the Disney classic, so the entire collection is gold with warm tone colours.

Now, as Lorac is an Los Angeles based brand, all of the items are only attainable in the States, and are priced in dollars, but fear not. I have checked Amazon and you can get these babies shipped right to you in the UK and it also falls under their Prime deals.

Credit: Lorac

The cheek palette, which has beautiful blusher tones and a gold highlighter retails for $28 (£21.68). The eyeshadow palette is a bit pricier at $48 (£37.17), and the lipstick and lipgloss sets sell for $36 (£27.87) and $34 (£26.33). TBH, I spend about that much on food each day, so maybe instead I should branch out and get something else.

Credit: Lorac

Whether your favourite was Belle, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty or Jasmine, there's no denying that the world is upping the game with all of this Disney inspired stuff. Here's even more for you to get stuck into...

Credit: Youtube/Truffleshuffle

Now just to win the lottery so I can buy all of it.

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