If you were a teen in the Noughties, we have no doubt your make-up bag was packed full of bright and beautiful Barry M products.

Come on, we must all remember Dazzle Dust and the gazillion different colours of nail paint they had. Hands up if you had every single one!


The upbeat beauty brand played a massive part in our introduction to the world of make-up. I mean who can forget the days of painting every single finger-nail a different colour, right?

Experimenting was key.

You'll never believe it's been thirty-five years since it all began.

We are all feeling kind of nostalgic RN.

But what's even more mind blowing is the discovery of the meaning behind the 'M' in Barry M. Why have we never thought about this before?

Well it turns out that the brand was brought to life by Barry Mero, who sold his homemade beauty products off a market stall in his mother's front garden.

So yeah, Barry Mero is in fact Barry M! Who knew?


Boots have got everything you need to fill your make-up bag with Bazza M products,check out there bits and bobs here.

Oh and if we couldn't love them any more, it looks like Little Mix are a fan. Say no more.

Written by Stephanie Shaw

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Barry M

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