L’Oreal and Vogue Declare Grey Hair The Hottest Shade Of The Year

Until not very long ago, most people would do whatever they could to cover up grey hair.

However, this has taken a turn in recent years with people purposely dyeing their hair all over silver or grey. So much that searches for the colour have increased by nearly 879 per cent, according to Pinterest.

"People are growing out their natural grey hair and letting that silver shine through," says Pinterest. But it's not just those letting their natural greys shine. Younger people are dyeing their hair in order to achieve the same look.

Although this trend has taken a while to blow up, it is well and truly here to stay now.

Both L'Oreal and Vogue magazine have recognised its appeal, declaring it the hottest shade of the year.

"Not only has silver hair been a top colour trend on the runways and it is the 'it' colour for women of all ages, we love what the colour stands for - it symbolises charisma, ethereal energy, power, focus and it is beyond chic," says Orrea Light, vice president of L'Oréal global marketing product development and beauty innovation.

"As the world's #1 selling hair colour brand, we are thrilled to now bring this colour trend to people everywhere in an accessible way. Whether someone's desired result is sophisti­cated, daring, fun, or all three, they can find their perfect metallic match within the esteemed houses of Preference, Feria or Colorista."

However, this is a difficult shade to have (if not natural) as it requires lengthy dyeing processes and a lot of maintenance and intensive conditioning to make sure the hair doesn't get too damaged, so do consult a professional if you wish to try this.

If you already have a natural grey look, why not try sprucing it up by giving it a violet shade? Another colour that has proved popular is lilac, as Pinterest searches for this shade have gone up by over 1000 per cent.

Whether on the blonde-grey or blue-violet side of the grey spectrum, this is one trend that is not going to wash out anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: L'Oreal

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