MAC Praised For Not Editing Out Model's Facial Hair On Instagram

MAC has been praised after posting an unedited picture on Instagram which showed facial hair on a model.

Most beauty campaigns show women with poreless and hairless faces, however, most women know this is not the case and MAC decided to keep things natural with this social media post.

The cosmetic brand posted a close up picture by make up artist Matthew King of a model's lips wearing MAC's Chestnut lip pencil, and social media users were quick to praise the decision not to edit out the hairs.

Credit: Instagram/@maccosmetics/@mttthw
Credit: Instagram/@maccosmetics/@mttthw

One user wrote: "Hey, in 2018 we are OK with body hair bc we know nobody is hairless [sic]!!"

Another added: "Thank you for not PSing out imperfections [sic]."

Credit: Instagram/@maccosmetics
Credit: Instagram/@maccosmetics

A third added: "I have PCOS and extra facial hair is a huge problem for me. Seeing a photo like this means so much. WOMEN DO HAVE FACIAL HAIR. It's normal [sic]."

The love for the image just kept pouring in, and another user added: "Love the real beauty not being photoshopped! [sic]"

A final comment read: "Look at this beautiful company representing those of us women who aren't completely hairless! [sic]."

Of course, body hair isn't for everyone and there were a few comments that disagreed with the lack of editing.

The Instagram post comes just weeks after Urban Decay showed off real unedited skin on its Instagram.

The models in question still have make-up on, but the photos are unedited, showing off every pimple, every wrinkle and every pore.

Credit: Instagram/Urban Decay
Credit: Instagram/Urban Decay

The brand has recently reposted make-up looks from MUAs who haven't edited their pictures and we are totally here for it.

Make-up artist @glowawaymeg is famous for her bold beauty looks and she was one of the first to make it onto Urban Decay's Instagram page, with fans rushing to praise her unedited look.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@maccosmetics

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