Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist's Tip For Stopping Watery Eyes Is A Game-Changer

'Tis the season for tissues up your sleeve and watery eyes: thanks, Spring. But whether it's hayfever, the office aircon or that walrus scene in Our Planet that's making you weepy, once those floodgates open out, it's pretty hard to stem the flow of watery eyes. So Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic (who else) is here with a hack to make every eye in the house a dry one - meaning your eye makeup can stay where it's supposed to and keep you looking fierce.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Mario Dedivanovic has been sculpting Kim's famously chiselled face for over 10 years (along with Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajowski and other celebrity royalty) and he thinks watery eyes are one of his biggest challenges as a makeup artist.

He told Cosmopolitan: "I hate watery eyes, once it starts you're dead. The worst is when it happens on the corner of the eye after you've done the eyeliner on the bottom and you have this empty spot of skin showing because makeup just refuses to stick afterwards, it's a struggle." Truly.

But before you throw your eyeliner in the bin and embrace the natural look (god forbid) here's his tip to nix those pesky tears before they ruin your lewk.

"I pray that my clients don't get watery eyes but if they do I tell them to hold their head back, keep their mouth open and only breathe through their nose. That tends to suck in tears and stop them rolling down their face."

Try it the next time you win a beauty pageant, watch anything narrated by Sir David or venture beyond your front door (and maybe pop a Benadryl while you're at it).

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/makeupbymario

Amelia Jones

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