Lashes are quick and convenient.

They're ideal for those cursed with shorter, straighter lashes, and take only a few seconds to apply when you've got a few nights out under your belt.

Depending on the occasion, we've all got our favourite falsies, and we know the perfect glue that works for us.

But is it really a big deal what brand you use, or how much money you're prepared to throw at your extensions? Fortunately for you, we've put both the upmarket and the less pricey synthetics to the test to save you all the hassle.

So, let's get lashed!

So Versaille's lashes: RRP £20.00

The 'Power' lash is "the thickest and most layered statement lash" that So Versailles have in their collection, so naturally I'm keen to give these suckers a go! They're actually a lot lighter than you would imagine them to be and the glue is definitely a huge step up from what you'd get in a usual kit.

They're about four times more expensive than the average set, but god damn they're so fluttery and instagrammable! Oh, and they can be worn up to 25 times, so at less than £1.00 per wear, it's actually an incredible investment if you're a lash addict. Let's also not forget the packaging, because it's pretty enough to make angels weep <3

Credit: Rebecca Kauter

Primark's iENVY: RRP £3.00

From the premium range of Primarni lashes it's the 'Diva' Set that's up next. They're not particularly flexible, which is a tad irritating for the inner and outer corners of the lashes when it comes to sticking, but fortunately the adhesive is a big step up from the usual kind found in lash packets.

For £3, they're not too bad but being synthetic, they're shiny and not ideal if you're looking for a natural look.

Credit: Rebecca Kauter

Lash Unlimited: RRP £2.50

Sadly, there aren't any names for these strip lashes, just numbers, but it's #9 that's being tested. This falsie set doesn't come with any glue, so you'd need your own. But for half the price of a standard pack, you can't complain too much.

With regards to the eyelashes, they're thick and the strip is bendy which allows them to stick really neatly to your lash line. You can also use these more than once, which makes them extremely economical.

Credit: Rebecca Kauter

iLashes: RRP £2.00

The cheapest of the bunch is the 'Kylie' strips from ilashes' online shop. They're full of va va voom and out of all of the budget lashes, these are the best value for money as they don't look shiny or synthetic.

The packaging is really simple and again, there's no glue, but this all needs to be taken into account when you generally spend more on a cup of coffee.

Credit: Rebecca Kauter

All in all, there's no denying that quality luxury bowls over the budget ranges, so if you're a die-hard false lash user, So Versailles are the falsies for you.

But if you're prone to losing things, budget synthetics may be a better shout because misplacing a £20.00 set of lashes is definitely enough to break your bank (and probably your heart too!)

Written by Rebecca Kauter / You can see more of Becca's make up wizardry here!

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