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3 days ago


Harry Potter-Themed Quill And Ink Liquid Eyeliner Exists And Give Me It Now

Two of the best thing sin life (in my humble opinion) are make-up and Harry Potter. I will gladly drop my whole monthly pay packet on HP-themed merchandise and a new foundation. This is why I never have money at the end of the month.


But Storybook Cosmetics have decided to save me some cash by combining two of the best things in the world.

They've brought out a quill and ink liquid eyeliner.

In Harry Potter, that's all they use to do their writing. You'd think they'd move onto a Biro or something but hey, if it ain't broke - don't fix it.

Look how adorable it is...


The website reads: "The custom made gold metal feather quill comes complete with a hollow brush stand to protect the precision point liquid eyeliner brush. The water resistant matte black eyeliner is vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

"It comes in a custom ink pot with gold Storybook logo details and a tiny feather charm. The set comes in a royal blue tin carrying case that is padded for safekeeping."

Ahhhhh we need it!

It's $39.00 (which equates to just over £30) and clearly worth every penny. You can get it here.

While you're treating yourself, you might as well get some Game of Thrones make-up brushes at the same time...

Credit: Catch96

Go on, treat yourself. You can get the brushes here.

Featured Image Credit: Storybook Cosmetics/Warner Bros

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