Beauty Fridges Are The Latest Skincare Trend Sweeping The Internet

The latest skincare trend isn't about what you are putting on your face but how you're *storing* it beforehand. Enter: beauty fridges, the skincare craze that almost everyone is jumping onto.

A number of companies are already selling purpose-built mini-fridges to store all your beauty products inside to keep them cool before application, but the hype is only just gaining momentum in the industry.

Social media is currently littered with people who have purchased their own special make-up fridges, too - although you can definitely use that one you had in your room as a kid, if you've still got it.

Just pop all of your face mists, jade rollers, night creams and other lotions inside the mini-fridge for a few hours before using them.

Applying chilled products to our faces and bodies during the summer months is, no doubt, ultra refreshing (plus they also look pretty great on Instagram).

And some say that adding in a cooling step to your skincare routine reduces puffiness, can tighten pores and calm any irritation.

While the jury is out on whether there is any real skincare benefit to keeping your skincare in the fridge, it is also perfect for summer months if you live somewhere hot and your make-up melts before applying it.

Just make sure not to put oils and balms inside as the cooler temperatures can cause the products to separate.

Brands like The Cosmetics Fridge, and the Makeup Fridge make their own fridges - although these brands don't currently ship to the UK.

But fear not as you can also buy a regular one from Argos - like this one for £29.99 - and it will do the same job.

Credit: Argos
Credit: Argos

Needless to say, we're sold on this new beauty trend and will be ordering our own mini-fridge ASAP.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Makeupfridge

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