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Baby Bangs Are Back For 2019 - Here's How To Make Them Work

'Baby bangs' or the 'micro fringe' is the hairstyle usually debuted around age three when you find a pair of scissors, a mirror and let loose. But the often regretted trend is said to be making a comeback as the hottest hair trend for 2019 - and everyone's feeling a bit skeptical.

Most recently it's been made popular by Gigi Hadid et al, who were recently spotted sporting baby bangs and an Alice band on Prada's SS19 runway.


But the Twittersphere exploded when American Horror Story star, Emma Roberts, debuted the contraversial hairstyle last year.

People were quick to comment their shock and shade at her decision to cut her fringe short.

One person wrote: "What the heck Emma Roberts."

Another commented: "American Horror Story: Emma Roberts' Hair".

A third said: "Emma Roberts is me when I lock myself in the bathroom at 3am and emotionally cut my hair".


Another tweeted: "Emma Roberts new haircut is like what everyone is afraid they'll look like if they get bangs".

While a fringe of any length requires maintenance, a mini-fringe is positively character-making. Roughly-chopped, softly feathered, straight and blunt - it requires a lot of attitude to pull it off.

So the big question: would baby bangs suit you? Hairstylists Polly and Paul Edmonds recently explained to Grazia that there's a more to it than showing your hairdresser a celebrity picture from Pinterest.

"You need to match your fashion style to complement the look," explains Paul.

"Baby bangs need to be worn with confidence. They don't let you hide from anything so you need to rock this look."

If your features are soft and rounded and cheeks are wide - beware. Paul advises that "a micro fringe can shorten a face shape." He recommends telling your stylist to cut it narrow to flatter.

If your face is heart-shaped you need to fully commit to balance out a broad forehead and a narrow chin. Paul says: "have the fringe cut heavily, and ask that it's also heavily textured. That way the hair can be styled forward or swept to the side."

For square faces use your defined jawline and wide cheekbones to your advantage by opting for bangs with a "side or middle parting." Turns out it's a super-flattering way to enhance this face shape. It can actually soften a square face.

Oval shape with a long face and rounded chin? It can work with a few simple styling tricks. Paul says it's important to discuss the cut with your stylist first but have the fringe cut so it's narrow to complement your features.

Same goes for oblong faces. Baby bangs can elongate the face further but "wearing the fringe to the side will create roundness and brushing the hair forward will also create a heavier look on a longer face," says Polly.

Would you have enough courage to face the chop?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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