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A Game Of Thrones Make-Up Collection Could Soon Be In The Works

Storybook Cosmetics are on a mission to combine make-up and your favourite narratives to create the most stunning beauty products.

Their Harry Potter wand make-up brushes sold like hotcakes, and the brand are currently working on a number of different ideas, including a Mean Girls eye shadow palette and rose make-up brushes which are perfect for Beauty and the Beast fans.

Credit: Instagram

Their latest concept is equally as amazing: 'Another possible collection for 2017! Here is hoping @HBO sells us the licensing! If only half of these deals go through we are gonna have some AMAZING collabs this year!'

Credit: Instagram

Just look at all of that Game of Thrones magic!

'Yessssss! OMG! I will forever buy this!', commented one person, while another wrote, 'Omfg!!!!! This is sooooo epic on so many levels!!'

Hear, hear!

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Instagram

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