Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo to mark your relationship, but didn't want to get typical 'matching names'? Well, we've got you covered with some adorable inspiration on getting inked with your significant other:

1. Cute Paper Aeroplanes.

2. The Coordinates Of Your Fave Place Together.

3. King And Queen.

4. Wall-E And Eve.

5. For Music Enthusiasts.

6. When You Find Yourself Someone Who Understands Your Love Of Coffee.

7. To Infinity And Beyond.

8. If They're The Other Half of You.

9. For Travellers.

10. Calling All Disney Lovers.

11. Sun And Moon.

12. For When You Need To Cast Your Own Patronus.

13. Or This Harry Potter Matching Quote.

14. Simplistic Hearts.

15. For Gaming Lovers.

16. Or Your One True Love...Pizza.

*Books appointment immediately!*

Written by Eve MacDonald

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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