Okay, so if we're being completely honest the most we've ever done with our hair at a festival is spray it with dry shampoo and pop a flower crown on - but it's nice to imagine what we could do if we weren't lying hungover in a field somewhere.

Who knows? Maybe this year will be the year where we're slayin' it in the hairdo department. *All the heart eye emojis at this inspo*

1. Double Bun With Jewels

2. Glitter Roots

3. Pleated Pigtails

4. Colourful Top Knot

5. Flower Power

6. Unicorn Vibes

7. Pastel Waves

8. Neon Hair

9. Blue Stars

10. Add An Accessory

11. Dreamcatcher

12. Keep It Off Yo' Face

13. Half Up-Do

14. Relaxed Glitter Roots

Fancy recreating some of these amazing festival hairdos at home? You can get plenty of awesome bits and bobs from ASOS and Boohoo.

Written by Eve MacDonald

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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