The Christmas season is getting closer once again, and everyone knows what that means. Yes, it means that people are going to be digging out their Christmas jumpers and we are all about that life.

Historically, there have been limits to people's holiday get-ups - people may have a beard as enormous as Santa Claus himself but have never thought to decorate them. Until recently.

That's right, beard baubles are back with a vengeance. This business has come up with beard ornaments (or "beardaments") for hairy men to "season up their beard". And no, they don't mean with salt and pepper.

The Beardaments website sells a collection of 12 facial hair baubles which they claim will "get your beard excited for the holidays". Each of these comes with a mini-clip so they're easy to put on and remove. I bet you're thinking of a bloke in your life right now who'd suit it.

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Alongside these tiny decorations, you can also buy "natural, organic" beard oils - including in festive mint scent - or "glitterbeard" if you want your mate/boyfriend's beard to look like a festive steel wire pot scourer, like this dude:

Unlike other companies at this time of year, at least Beardaments looks not to be a Scrooge with its pricing.

You can get a pack of 12 beardaments for just £9.07 and if you live in the United States then you can get free shipping on all of your orders. How about that for festive cheer?

In case you're looking for a festive facial hair option closer to home, British businesses are getting in on the act - you can get similar beard ornaments online through Asos.

However, they are offering slightly less of a good deal as they're selling a pack of nine Fizz Creations multicolored ornaments for £9.83.

So there you go. The way we're heading, eventually we'll transform our entire bodies into Christmas trees at this time of year. Or you could, y'know, just settle for a real one.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Beardaments Official/PA Images

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