Primark's Harry Potter Suitcases Are Fit For Any Witch Or Wizard This Summer

Summer is fast approaching, meaning you are bound to need a snazzy suitcase to overfill ahead of your holidays.

And Primark has the perfect option too, as the bargain brand is now selling Harry Potter-themed cases, which will fit in all the robes, wands, and broomsticks that you could ever need.

Each suitcase is black, and comes with the famous Hogwarts badge printed on the front in white, as well as Harry's name.

There is also tan detailing on the corners, making it look just like one of magical movie saga props.

One of these won't break the Gringott's bank, as they each come with an affordable price tag of £35, meaning you can save your gold for your actual holiday.

They also come with a handy set of fully rotating wheels, meaning it spins all the way around rather than just forward and back, as well as an adjustable handle.

If its more bags that you are after, then you better hop on your Nimbus 2000 and head down to Primark, as there is loads of other options to choose from, including backpacks.

They come in red and black, and all of these ones are a bargain, as they are priced between £10 and £12.

Credit: Primark
Credit: Primark

You can also get your hands on a Harry Potter weekend bag from Primark for £12.

Just like the suitcase, it comes in black and tan colours, plus the Hogwarts logo.

Credit: Primark
Credit: Primark

There is also make-up bags sets in the house colours - green for Slytherin, blue for Ravenclaw, yellow for Hufflepuff and red for Gryffindor, priced at £10.

If you still haven't been sorted into your house, there is also more neutral ones in black with gold writing, or red with Harry Potter-themed badges, both priced at £4.

Credit: Primark
Credit: Primark

You can even jazz up your luggage with some cute Harry Potter badges, which come in loads of spellbinding designs, including teeny tiny characters like Voldemort, Dumbeldore, Ron and Hermione.

There is also classic items from the films like the snitch, chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts every flavour beans.

Credit: Primark
Credit: Primark

Prices for these start at just three quid!

Unless you can actually cast an 'Alohomora' spell to unlock the door, then you might want a magical keyring to enchant up your own key set.

There is lots of fun designs to choose from, including Dobby the house elf and other mini characters, house logos, mandrakes and even sorting hats.

Credit: Primark
Credit: Primark

You can treat yourself to one of these for as little as £3.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/primarkargylest/Warner Bros.

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