You Can Now Buy Heeled Crocs And They're Just What You'd Expect

Fashion trends this year just keep getting stranger and stranger, and it looks like the trend of the weird and wonderful isn't going anywhere fast, as Crocs has just launched a heeled version of their comfortable shoe.

Crocs is known for creating shoes that help you to put your best foot forward with incredible comfort, and they're also known for creating a shoe that's very...unique-looking.

The plasticy, rubbery Crocs shoes aren't to everyone's taste, so it might come as a surprise to see they've now added a selection of heels and wedges to their lineup.

Credit: Crocs
Credit: Crocs

The heels, named the Crocs Cyprus V Heel, are currently sold out on the Crocs website, proving they have to be at least a little popular.

And although they aren't the prettiest shoes you've ever laid eyes on, Crocs do have a bit of a cult following, with celebs like Jared Leto, Shia LaBeouf and even Prince George having been known to rock a pair of the plastic shoes.

In their defense, the heels do look pretty comfy, and we guess that these strappy five inch heels will be pretty easy to keep clean considering they're made of rubber...

This exact style is available in both white and black, and if you're looking for a bit more colour you could indulge in a pair of Crocs wedges, which are available in a tonne of colours and styles from the Crocs website.

Credit: Crocs
Credit: Crocs

If you're desperate to add the heels to your Crocs collection, you can currently pick them up on Amazon starting from £37.13 depending on your size, or you might get lucky in your local Crocs store.


To be fair, they're not the ugliest shoes we've seen this year, and these are likely to turn fewer heads than ripped bum jeans or a swimming cossie with your BFF's face on...

Featured Image Credit: Crocs/Instagram/Crocs

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