You Can Now Buy Grass-Covered Crocs

A New York fashion label is selling Crocs covered is grass-like Astroturf.

The unusual shoes come from the kooky brand Chinatown Market, which describes itself as "an homage to the spirit of Canal St." in NYC.

This latest footwear offering is totally decked out in greenery, which will make it feel like you're always walking through a freshly-cut meadow. What more could you ask for from your footwear!

The shoes also come with Chinatown Market's signature branding of a yellow smiley face, complete with the "THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY" slogan.

Grass-covered Crocs. Credit: Chinatown Market
Grass-covered Crocs. Credit: Chinatown Market

They're expected to go for $60 (£46) per pair when they become available on Chinatown Market's official web store.

But these aren't the first wacky Crocs to make a splash on the footwear market. Priced at £36.22, a pair of heeled Crocs hit the market last year. They are available to buy online at Amazon and stand at about nine centimetres high - close to three inches.

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Crocs' Cyprus V Heel Women Heeled Shoes look completely different from your normal Crocs.

Of course, they still have an outer material of rubber and come with 'side elastic for a more forgiving fit'.

Naturally, the footwear has divided the internet, with some people loving the idea of a comfy high-heel, although others can't accept that they even exist.

And designer brand Balenciaga has even released its own pair of Croc stilettos. Where will this Croc madness end?!?!

Featured Image Credit: Chinatown Market

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