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Woman Shares Incredible Hack For Getting Stains Out Of Suede With Micellar Water

One woman has shared a genius hack for getting stains out of suede with a simple beauty product most will already have in their daily routines.

It's often unbelievable how dirty our heels get after a night out, leaving us wondering whether we were dancing in a nightclub or running through a muddy obstacle course.

However, there's no need to worry about wearing your new suede heels out on a night out any longer as one woman has revealed that miceller water actually got the marks straight out of hers.


Posting a snap of her mucky heels in a now-viral tweet, Twitter user @kieraohagan revealed that the make-up remover had cleaned all the dirt off and left no marks behind.

"Micellar water has just took all the stains out my suede heels," she wrote. "Everyone needs to try this."

In another tweet, she revealed that her miceller water of choice was from Garnier, which you can usually pick up for around a fiver for a fairly large bottle.

Credit: Garnier
Credit: Garnier

There's no complicated methods either, as @kieraohagan says she just squirted the water onto a cotton pad before rubbing away at the dark stains on her heels.


It's not just a one-off either, as the clever trick also worked on her other dirty footwear too.

She later tweeted: "It works amazing i tried them on my white suede trainers too!! just put it on a cotton pad and rub away."

People have gone wild for the clever hack, and the tweet has garnered an impressive 11,000 retweets and almost 36,000 likes.

Others also shared the results of using the miceller water on their own shoes, and the results are just as good.

One person revealed: "Was about to chuck these heels! (Allow how ruined they were) Not perfect but this actually works."

While miceller water might just look and feel like water, it actually contains clever cleaning agents which work like magnets to banish impurities and dirt from your skin... and now your shoes.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Garnier

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