No One Is Knows What To Make Of These Fashion Nova Trousers

Ok so we know it's really hot, it's sticky, it's humid - it's a heatwave so it's pretty roasting but this fashion brand seem to have a whole new trick to cooling down with trousers that definitely let some air in.

Fashion Nova is selling wide-leg sheer trouser with ruffles on the side and massive cut outs so your bum cheeks are just basically out.

The trousers were advertised on the Fashion Nova Curve's Instagram with the caption: "Okay girrrl We see you in our "Sunshine See Through Coverup Chaps!"

It's safe to say that you'll definitely feel the breeze on your cheeks with this number.

It seems people were confused with the look, as one person commented saying: "Dude. I love your clothes and all, but those are not even pants."

Another person exclaimed: "What in the world r these? I might as well just have my butt outta door! These r pointless."

A third added: "What a strange garment."

It's not the first time Fashion Nova has been controversial when it comes to clothes. Behold these skinny garter jeans that also come with some snazzy zips on the bottom half and silver studs on the adjustable straps.

Credit: Fashion Nova
Credit: Fashion Nova

Straddling the line between shorts/leg warmers and jeans, a pair of these will set you back $54.99, which is approximately £40.56.

They come in a dark wash, stretch denim, and are available in sizes running from extra small to extra large.

If you're brave enough to wear them probably best stay away from your nan who'll whack out her sewing kit ready to fix them.

Featured Image Credit: Fashion Nova Curve Instagram/BBC

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