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'Slozy' Is The Latest Fashion Trend You Need To Know About

We've all been there: you're getting ready for a big day or night out when you realise you're probably going to freeze to death if you step out in whatever you've chosen.

Enter "slozy" - the trend coined by Racked, made viral by a Reddit and popularised by celebs like Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner.

An amalgamation of "slutty" (problematic, but in context we'll accept it) and "cozy", the look is 2019 kick-back against the effort of high glam.


"Slozy", perfected by brands like American Apparel, mostly consists of a barely-there outfit with an element of extreme cosiness, like velour pants or a big sweater. Think a cardigan with knee-high boots and a mini skirt, or tracksuit bottoms with a teeny-tiny crop top.

The Reddit thread began after one user she'd recently discovered the term. She defined it by saying: "As far as I'm concerned slozy is all about soft, breathable fabrics, comfy fits, and showing off your favorite body parts.

"It's finding that perfect balance between feeling sexy and soft and cute but also being your most comfy self. I'm about it."


She added: "Think loose fitting silk blouses that are extremely low cut, mom jeans and knit crop tops, mini skirts with cozy socks, sheer cotton dresses, chunky sweaters with lace bralettes peeking through, backless tops, lounge wear, slip dresses with cozy duster cardigans etc..."

The original Racked article recommends that those wanting to jump on the trend first choose the body part/s they want to draw attention to...and then choose a cosy item of clothing to accentuate that area.

Another way of going about it is to choose the "sl-" part of your outfit, and then add the "-ozy" on top, i.e., a mini dress with a slouchy cardi to keep it cosy.

Whatever you choose, one thing is clear - this is the only way to keep things comfy and sexy on those less warm days.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @alfredoflores

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Marianne Eloise

Marianne writes about TV, film and internet culture for Nylon, VICE, The Guardian, Vulture, Time Out and more. She was previously a staff writer at Dazed.

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