Primark Has Launched The Grinch-Themed Christmas Nightwear

If you don't instantly think of The Grinch when someone asks you what your favourite Christmas film is then you really need to re-evaluate.

The green Scrooge is one of our favourite Christmas characters, and to celebrate the creature, Primark is releasing a nightwear range full of The Grinch-themed items.

We honestly can't think of anything better on Christmas eve than sitting with our family in matching pyjamas, watching the Christmas-hating Grinch steal presents from the Who People.

The range includes slippers, kids' pyjamas and a very fluffy onesie, finished off with the red Christmas hat the Grinch wore to steal all of the Who People's presents.

And at just £16, the onesie is a complete bargain and Instagram has gone wild over it.

You could also team the onesie with the slippers, which feature The Grinch's face and a very fluffy Christmas hat.

Credit: Instagram/Primark
Credit: Instagram/Primark

At just £8, they are a complete steal and look like they'll keep your feet incredibly warm through the festive season.

If you've got little ones and you want the whole family to be Grinched during Christmas, Primark is even selling pyjamas for them too.

The £7 pyjama set includes grey snowflake bottoms and a red long-sleeved t-shirt, which reads: 'I'm just here for the presents'. Honesty is the best policy, right?

Credit: Instagram/Primark
Credit: Instagram/Primark

Primark hasn't released details of when the nightwear will be available in-store, but seeing as though Christmas has already taken over most of the high street, we don't think you will have to wait long.

If your gathering on Christmas Eve is a little bit bigger, you can also buy these matching Santa Claus pyjamas for the whole family.

These pyjamas are from ASDA and include sets for mums and dads, grandmas and grandads, aunties and uncles, and of course all the little ones.

With Father Christmas-style printed tops, and red and white striped bottoms, you're guaranteed to feel like you've just stepped out of Santa's workshop.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Primark

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