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​High Heeled Crocs Exist And They’re Dividing The Internet

Crocs has released its own line of high-heeled shoes, and the footwear is already dividing the internet.

Best known for creating comfy shoes, the brand has decided to branch out and create high heels that are easy to walk in.

The heels might not be everyone's cup of tea, but they have a cult following with celebs like Jared Leto, Shia LaBeouf and even Prince George being known to rock a pair of the plastic shoes.


Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Priced at £36.22, these heels are available to buy online at Amazon and stand at about nine centimetres high - close to three inches.

Crocs' Cyprus V Heel Women Heeled Shoes look completely different from your normal Crocs.

Of course, they still have an outer material of rubber and come with 'side elastic for a more forgiving fit'.

Naturally, the footwear has divided the internet, with some people loving the idea of a comfy high-heel, although others can't accept that they even exist.

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon


One Twitter user wrote: "This abomination was posted on my FB. If you own crocs, high heeled or otherwise, we can no longer converse, harsh but for the best [sic]!"

Another added: "I'm no fashionologist but even I know this [high-heeled crocs] is questionable [sic]."

However, the shoes have plenty of glowing reviews online.

One customer wrote: "These Crocs are light, fashionable and so very, very comfortable. They give me some height (I'm 5'3'') and look smart with both dresses and jeans. I liked them so much that I bought a second pair in black [sic]."

Another said: "I love these shoes. Never thought anyone would see me in a pair of crocs, I now have 3 pairs of these, in different styles, but with the heel. They are so light and comfortable [sic]."

A third customer said: "These sandals are absolutely gorgeous. They are so beautiful, elegant and perfect in every way. I really can't love them and praise them anymore [sic]."

Earlier this year, Balenciaga caused quite a frenzy with its Croc-inspired stilettos, with people not knowing what to make of the new and unusual footwear.

You could call them the Marmite of shoes, because they divided the fashion world yet again.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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