Dog Leggings Exist To Keep Pooches Warm Through The Winter

Now we're fully immersed in the depths of winter, it's time to start wrapping up, and that includes our four-legged friends.

We've heard of doggy coats, but one company is taking it that step further with doggy leggings, complete with little boots to protect their paws from the elements.

Walkee Paws' shoes will protect pooches' paws from broken glass or any dangerous chemicals they could be walking on while out and about.

Credit: Walkee Paws
Credit: Walkee Paws

They'll even save on cleaning up when they get back from a mucky walk by keeping their paws dry and warm inside.

But aside from all the practical elements, the adorable leggings are without a doubt an amazingly fashionable addition to their wardrobe, while keeping doggos toasty.

The gorgeous leggings and booties were designed by Lisa Barnoff from New York, who made them for her own Cocker Spaniel, Toffee.

Credit: Walkee Paws
Credit: Walkee Paws

Lisa was concerned about Toffee bringing all sorts of mess into the house after his walks through the city and worried about what he could ingest when licking his paws after a walk.

Boots didn't work for Toffee as he hated putting them on and would kick them off at every opportunity.

Credit: Walkee Paws
Credit: Walkee Paws

With her experience in hosiery and toy development, she decided to design her own tights.

Lisa saw how much more receptive her pooch was to a leggings style and began working on a 4-way stretch fabric and tightening tool, even adding rubber feet on the bottom for protection.

She says this allows dogs to feel like they're walking on the ground unlike actual boots, but still protects their paws.

All you have to do is slide them on your dogs' legs like tights and watch them become a fashion icon right before your very eyes.

The leggings come in three different sizes but unfortunately they're only available in the US at the moment.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for a UK launch.

Featured Image Credit: Walkee Paws

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