Asos Is Being Praised For Showcasing Models With Stomach Rolls

When most of us sit down, no matter how skinny we are, our stomachs will crease and stomach rolls will appear. This is completely normal, however if you look on most fashion retail websites, you'd be forgiven for thinking stomach rolls simply don't exist.

Now ASOS has taken a stand and been praised for including their models' stomach rolls and not airbrushing them out.

A tweet showing photos of a model in a purple bandeau bikini, which read "thank u ASOS for these angles" has gone viral, receiving over 15,500 retweets and nearly 60,000 likes.

Fans were quick to praise ASOS for including more realistic body images, tweeting other examples of ASOS helping the body positivity movement, including images of men of different shapes and sizes.

They also commented in the thread to praise other brands they loved showing a range of bodies, including Hollister and Aerie.

However, others pointed out that this photo proves just how starved we are of normal bodies being represented, saying "the bar is so low".

One wrote: "Woman with actual healthy human bodies *mind blown*", while another said "body image issues are so rampant because people see a bit of skin rolls and genuinely think it's fat which is the issue I have with giving ASOS a pat on the back for this".

ASOS is one of the trailblazers when it comes to body positivity, taking numerous stands over the years to help us recognise our own bodies when we browse their site.

Last year, it announced it would show the same clothes on models of different sizes so there would be no need to imagine how an outfit looked on you if the model wearing it was a totally different shape.

Fans have also praised their use of diversity when it comes to models, the showing of back rolls on models and their range of clothes for women with larger breasts.

Featured Image Credit: ASOS

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