Ankle Scarves Are The Fake Trend Nobody Needed

If you've been on social media recently, you've probably seen the bizarre ankle scarf trend doing the rounds. To be honest, there have been some bizarre trends throughout 2018, so you'd be forgiven for thinking this one wasn't a joke.

Unfortunately, though, it's all a hoax, and if you genuinely believed it you're probably going to feel a touch embarrassed.

Of course everyone feels the cold, so much so that nose warmers, heated mouse pads and heated car blankets exist.

So we guess it is pretty viable to think that instead of just wearing socks or buying longer pants we have got to the point where we wrap scarves around our ankles.

The 'trend' was first reported on by German satire site Der Postillon and to be fair they are that ridiculous they could be true.

The fake trend was started by German website Der Postillon. (Credit: Der Postillon)
The fake trend was started by German website Der Postillon. (Credit: Der Postillon)

Der Postillon used the quote: "Long trousers are worn only by grandmothers and grandpas. But after I've had chilblains twice this year and my doctor warned me I could lose my ankles, I'll just wear those shawls for safety's sake."

Apart from looking pretty questionable there's also a few practical problems with these bad boys, such as 'how do you stop the tassels from being dragged through puddles?'

Or 'would you have to buy loads of different colours to match your outfits?'

Despite the ankle accessories being a joke, a few Twitter users were convinced they were a real thing.

One user wrote: "I for one will be knitting myself some ankle scarves."

Another added: "Anyone need me to crochet them some ankle scarves?"

A third wrote: "About to cop me some ankle scarves."

Thankfully most Twitter users realised that the 'trend' was a joke and that to keep your ankles warm all you need is socks.

One user wrote: "We didn't see ankle scarves coming because they're already here and are called socks."

Another added: "Socks! Never ankle scarves", a third said: "You know why we didn't see these coming? Because they are dumb as hell."

If you do want to make the trend a thing you could always buy some a children's scarf to wrap around your ankles.

Just make sure you buy two.

Featured Image Credit: Der Postillon

Bethany Gleave

Bethany Gleave is a Freelance Journalist at PRETTY52 and joined the team in 2018. She is a Multimedia Journalism graduate from the University of Salford, and started her career at a national press agency, writing breaking and trending news for the national newspapers.

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