Rules are made to be broken, and one fashion brand is taking that mantra to heart with a playsuit.....for men.

Yes, you heard right. It's a playsuit designed specifically for men and we have many thoughts on the subject.

Created by ACED Design, The RompHim:tm: is a Kickstarter pipe dream which is hoping to start a style revolution.

Credit: Kickstarter

But how, you ask, did this idea come to be?

Alcohol. That's how.

Credit: Kickstarter

Each playsuit comes with a front shirt pocket, adjustable waist tabs, zippered back pocket, zipper fly and deep front pocket.

And there is a choice of three designs- red chambray, blue chambray and splatter print cotton.

The team have raised a whopping $51,813 in their bid to shake up the established fashion order, far exceeding the original goal of $10,000.

And we all know what that means? This project is going ahead, whether you like it or not.

You can click here to find out more about the project.

God help us all.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

Abby Robinson

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