Lauren Goodger has showed off her new look on Instagram after she went to Turkey for 'secret surgery'.

The pouty selfie shows off her gorgeous looks, but she does look a little different.

Credit: Lauren Goodger

Her eyelashes look incredible, don't they?

On Christmas Day, Lauren was pictured as she arrived at Stanstead Airport with bruises all up her neck. She didn't comment on them, but earlier in the week she did tell her Instagram followers that she was in Turkey at the Elite Cosmetic Surgery. She also revealed that she was getting a procedure but would speak about it at a later date.

The thing is, Lauren is still just like us. In fact, earlier this week she shared a video with fans of her eyebrow fail...

Credit: Lauren Goodger/Instagram

Lauren, who has previously had her own salon, was left 'fuming'. Fortunately it's nothing that a cute puppy dog filter and an eyebrow pencil can't fix.

Lauren has shared plenty of beauty tips with her fans in the past, but I'm guessing she won't be advising this one any time soon. She recently revealed one of her own in the past, that IMO was absolutely bananas (soz!).

Credit: Lauren Goodger/Instagram

She took to social media to share her beauty secret of rubbing a banana all over your face to achieve flawless skin. A BANANA?!

"Everyone asking about my banana skin treatment... get a ripe yellow banana and wipe all over your face and leave it on over night," explained Lauren on her Instagram account.

Credit: Lauren Goodger/Instagram

She even claimed that the fruit helps with acne, kills bacteria and was an antioxidant too. Isn't that just if you eat them though?

Do you mush up the banana? Is it just just rubbing the skin over your face, and which side do you use? So, so, sooo many questions.

Her fans weren't really impressed by the trick though. "I know you can use bananas to clean shoes, never heard about it on the face," wrote one puzzled user, while another added: "In 25 years of working in the aesthetics industry I've never heard of any dermatologists recommending this."

Credit: Lauren Goodger/Instagram

Others jumped to defend the star, and one fired back: "Why are people getting so stressed? Not like she has reccomended rubbing bleach into your face it's a banana totally natural and won't hurt you! If it works amazing, if not you have lost nothing [sic)]!"

Bet she doesn't give a monkeys as to what people think.

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