You Can Hire A Private Jet Just To Impress All Your Instagram Fans

There's no denying it. Every time you post a snap to Instagram, you first thought is of just how many likes you will get.

Whether it's snaps of your better half, pictures of your beautiful kids (or pets) or shots of your exotic holiday, when we post this stuff it's because we want to show the world how awesome everything is. It's pretty narcissistic when you think about it, but that's nothing we didn't already know.

Anyway, if your Instagram followers are the kind who like glamorous pictures of the rich and famous - or those are things you aspire to be yourself - then there's now a way to fool the world into thinking you're a millionaire without being anywhere close to one.

A company from Russia called Private Jet Studio is offering, well, pretty much what its name suggests - you can pose in front of (and inside) one of their luxurious jets and have some pictures taken. Like this:

Credit: Private Jet Studio
Credit: Private Jet Studio

Not only that, but if that's the sort of thing that strikes your fancy, it's actually affordable. And a hell of a lot cheaper than buying your own jet.

It costs just 14,000 roubles (approximately £185) for a two-hour shoot with a professional photographer and only 11,000 roubles (approximately £145) if you just want the plane and not the photographer. We're not sure if they'll let friends take pictures for you, but that would kind of give the game away anyway.

That's not all, though. According to an article in The Independent, the company also offer a professional hair and make-up service and the option to hire a videographer, which costs about £330.

It's obviously lot of money to spend on a video with the sole intention of impressing your friends (and those followers who aren't your friends) but still an awful lot cheaper than purchasing your own private jet.

Credit: Private Jet Studio
Credit: Private Jet Studio

On its website, Private Jet Studio wrote: "This is the biggest, fastest and most expensive business aviation aircraft. The luxurious interior of the aircraft is made of high-quality and natural materials.

"You can organise an unusual and unforgettable photo shooting for yourself and your customers, which they will never forget."

Of course, if you do use the services, you probably do run the risk of your friends and customers asking for a ride in the plane. which could result in years of coming up with terrible excuses until you're eventually found out.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Private Jet Studio

Mischa Pearlman

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