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Aldi Will Soon Start Delivering G&Ts Right To Your Front Door

What's better than a cold gin and tonic in this heatwave? A cold gin and tonic that someone brings right to your door, of course.

The British Empire was pretty much built around the idea of getting gin delivered to English people in sweltering heat - the tonic water was intended to stave off a whole range of tropical diseases - and while the colonies may be gone, the tradition has continued.


Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The supermarket is launching its own home delivery service, as of today, so you can tap in your request and wait for them to wing it to your door.

"The incredible success of our spirits range this year, including a 75 per cent increase in gin sales alone, has proven that our offering is more popular than ever," said Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK, Julie Ashfield.

"We launched our online wine store two years ago to ensure that our great quality and incredible value products were accessible to all of our customers, even if they don't currently live near an Aldi store.

"We are delighted to now be doing the same for spirits, opening up our award-winning range to thousands more customers across the country."


On top of its new home delivery service, Aldi are offering a whole new range of gins that you can have sent to you.

t's launching their National Summer Gin Festival today, which will bring a massive range of speciality gins to the shelves of Aldi stores across the country.

That means 10 new products, with small batch and craft labels to the fore, as well as bespoke selections of cocktail mixers, glassware and garnishes.

The pick of the new offerings is a passionfruit gin, perfect for rustling up a Pornstar Martini, which requires passion fruits, vodka, passoa, lime juice, sugar syrup and a splash of Prosecco.

This being Aldi as well, it will only set you back £9.99 for a half litre bottle of 20 per cent gin, which is great value by anyone's standards.

"Bursting with the on-trend flavour of passionfruit, the Infusionist Passion Fruit Gin Liqueur boasts delicious citrus notes, giving a full flavour and sharpness of acidity," say Aldi in its blurb.

"The perfect combination with a classic London Dry Gin or served in a glass of Prosecco or Cava for a fruity tipple."

We can toast to that for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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