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WATCH: Piers Morgan Defends Alfie Evan's Parents On Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan has spoken out on Good Morning Britain about the Alfie Evans case, declaring that it should be up to the young boy's parents to decide what happens next with their child...

The presenter backed calls for Tom Evans and Kate James to be the ones who make the final decisions for their critically ill toddler, whose condition is still undiagnosed.


During the fierce debate on the ITV chat show, Piers also told his fellow co-stars and viewers that 'miracles do happen', much to the disagreement of TV doctor Hilary Jones.

Kate and Tom have been at the centre of a legal battle, after their brain damaged son was taken off life support earlier this week.

Yesterday, a court ruled that Alfie's parents could not take their son to Rome, Italy to receive treatment, despite the young boy being granted Italian citizenship by the Pope.

It was also reported that an air ambulance was 'ready and waiting' to fly him to the country for potentially life saving care.

Alfie's parents told the public how they have sometimes been giving their son mouth to mouth resuscitation, after his lips turned blue and he struggled to breath on his own in the hospital.


Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

Piers also demanded that they were 'at least' allowed to take the young boy back to their family home. The High Court has ruled that the young boy must remain in Alder Hay hospital.

Doctors have always argued that it was in the 'best interests' of the 23-month-old to remove life support, which has been consistently backed by the courts, but Tom and Kate are set to appeal the ruling to stop them taking the boy to Italy today.

A petition for the Queen to help save Alfie's life has reached 110,000 signatures in just two days.

Good Morning Britain airs on ITV weekdays at 6am.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Instagram

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