Michael Jackson Documentary 'Traumatises' Viewers With Graphic Details Of Alleged Child Abuse

This article contains details of alleged sexual assault which some readers may find distressing.

The first part of a new Michael Jackson documentary hit Channel 4 last night, and viewers were disturbed by fresh allegations of sexual assault put against the late singer.

Directed by Dan Reed, Leaving Neverland hears from two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who say they were sexually abused by Jackson as young boys.

Each were befriended by the singer as children and spend time on the Neverland Ranch, graphically describing sexual encounters with Jackson in explicit and excutiating detail throughout the two-part documentary.

Credit: HBO/Channel 4
Credit: HBO/Channel 4

James also spent time on tour with Jackson, sharing hotel suites with him where he also says he had sex with the singer.

Both Wade and James recalled the abuse in detail throughout the documentary, listing Jackson's sexual likes and dislikes.

James even claimed that Jackson made him perform 'drills' to ensure they never got caught, by making the boy practice getting dressed as fast as possible.

He said that Jackson made sure he never told anyone about what was going on by saying both their lives would be over if someone found out.

James made graphic sexual assault allegations against Jackson. Credit: HBO/Channel 4
James made graphic sexual assault allegations against Jackson. Credit: HBO/Channel 4

While director Reed has defended the decision for the men to give graphic recollections of the alleged abuse, viewers at home were deeply disturbed by what they were hearing.

"For such a long time, Jackson hid in plain sight, saying his relationships with children were innocent... cuddles at bedtime and innocent slumber parties. I needed to establish in the most graphic terms that what Jackson was doing with children was sex," Dan told Cosmopolitan. "It was full on sex. It wasn't slightly inappropriate touching, or a kiss and a cuddle that went too far. It was deliberate, regular sex and that's why we needed the very graphic descriptions to leave people in no doubt."

Wade made similar allegations against the late singer. Credit: HBO/Channel 4
Wade made similar allegations against the late singer. Credit: HBO/Channel 4

Viewers at home took to Twitter after hearing the explicit allegations, and some people struggled to make it through the documentary.

"I'm not sure I can carry on watching this. It's making me feel sick #repulsive," tweeted one person.

Somebody else declared: "Just turned this documentary off - it's vile and personally I find it too graphic to watch."

"Really struggling watching this Michael Jackson doc. Vile," posted a third.

And a final wrote: "Feel physically sick watching this and hearing this. Knowing I have a little boy and knowing these boys went through this is sickening."

The Jackson estate has called the documentary a "public lynching", threatening to sue HBO and Channel 4 over it. A number of international radio stations have pulled Michael's music.

Part two of Leaving Neverland will air on 9pm tonight.

Featured Image Credit: HBO/Channel 4

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