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I'm not afraid to admit I've never missed an episode of Take Me Out. Yes, it's trashy and a little cringe at times but I love it and it never fails to have me in stitches.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the format (who are you people and what do you do on Saturday nights?!) the objective of the show is for a single man to bag a date with one of thirty single women.

Now, that's a pretty high number of girls, isn't it? So if you're going to be in with a chance of getting to Fernando's, you've got to stand out.

Ellie, who is currently a contestant on the ITV dating show, is known for her hilarious 'seal' giggle.


However, some fans have accused her of faking her laugh and have claimed she puts it on for the cameras.

Have a listen for yourself. It's certainly... erm... different.

Credit: ITV.

"Can Ellie only force a laugh and hide behind her stand whenever Paddy comes over to her? Bore off #TakeMeOut," wrote one viewer.

Another added: "Ellie on Take Me Out, her laugh used to be funny... now it's plain annoying #TakeMeOut(sic)."

Here's what everybody else had to say:

They seem pretty divided, don't they?

What do you think? I can't decide. Either way, she's not doing any harm! Maybe she's just trying to ensure she gets noticed? A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do!

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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